Acme ERP

Acme ERP is a feature-rich ERP solution developed by Bosco Soft Technologies for Religious and non-profit organizations. Acme ERP is a cloud-based application built with Client-Server architecture. It is capable of handling data from any size of users at multiple levels.

Our ERP solution Acme ERP can be deployed as Head Office and Branch Office Suite. Acme ERP will synchronise data from all users in the cloud server.

The Head Office Suite is a web-based application capable of generating all financial reports from the branch office data. Even a single transaction can be captured as a report. Also, this is capable of combining reports from various branch offices and generating a consolidated report.

The Branch Office suite is a windows based application that will work on multiple terminals simultaneously. It will update the data with the Head Office at a scheduled interval. Branch office Application Consists of seven Modules, including Financial Accounting, Statutory Compliance (including TDS), Asset Management, Stock Tracking, Payroll Processing, Networking (Donor Management).

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Boscosoft - AcmeERP


  • Financial Accounting for all Industries
  • Statutory and TDS
  • Payroll
  • Asset tracking
  • Inventory management
  • Remote operation with multiple logins
  • Banking
  • Consolidation and reporting
  • Budgeting
  • Web portal


  • Cloud Based Application
  • Supports multiple branch operation
  • Affordable
  • Handle multiple projects simultaneously
  • Report viewing through mobile app
  • Multi-currency support
  • GST enabled
  • Data Migration to/from Tally
  • Single click report generation
  • Auto backup