Hygiene Audit

Hygiene Audit is a innovative product from Bosco Soft. This is a responsive design which can be used to conduct hygiene audit for Hotels, Restaurants, Food courts etc. The observations can be recorded and generate report to know the NC's and guide to take appropriate action to clear them.

Hygiene Audit has an inbuilt system that is compatible with international systems like HACCP, FSSAI and ISO 22000 etc. It is a boon for stake holders in food and hygiene departments. It is an user friendly system that supports to meet the objectives and goals. It can generate different kinds of reports as per standards. It alerts the users with reminders on schedules so that nothing will be missed.

It can be accessed through mobile and tablet to conduct audits. Audit checklists are available on the fly. The reports can be sent to the corresponding hygiene department. It will give more priority to NC's and give reminders so that they can be resolved on time. The intermediate audit results can be viewed and appropriate action can be taken for aby shortfall.

Boscosoft - Hygiene Audit


  • Maintain all audit procedures and checklists
  • Role based security system
  • Annual audit calendar
  • Track user behaviour
  • Mobile and tablet compatible software
  • Version control and release management
  • Record audit observation
  • Automated audit report
  • Follw-up audit reminders
  • Conduct process evaluation and progress meetings


  • User friendly
  • Compatible with international standards
  • Solution as per HACCP, FSSAI and ISO 22000 standards
  • Knowledge base for stake holders in food and hygiene departments
  • Indicators on process adherence and process maturity in place
  • Assured user satisfaction
  • Remote support and solution by SaaS model
  • Result tracking made easy
  • Various reports on audit performance and key observation
  • 24x7 support