Micro Financing

Bosco Soft presents the feature rich ERP solution for microfinance companies of any size. It is an innovative, user friendly and scalable software which can be operated with less number of man power.

Each and every transaction will be captured by our ERP and various types of reports can be generated that enables to take correct decisions. Separate logins and interface for branch staff and the users. Loans, interest rates, paid EMI and the outstanding amount can be calculated with ease and can be viewed by a click of a button.

The ERP system is online. It can be accessed by a browser with much ease. The real time data can be viewed by users by logging in. Audit by any government officials or any authorized person can be executed easily by providing all the required data on the screen in front of them.

Boscosoft - Micro Financing


  • Android solution with fingerprint acknowledgement
  • Complete workflow management
  • Automated entries against collections and repayments
  • Automatic data synchronization from web
  • Entry and monitor loan request, processing of loans
  • Monitor collections, attendance and savings
  • Target and actuals tracking
  • Financial reports at all levels


  • Better Information management through business automation
  • Improved Workflow
  • Streamlining of processes
  • Modular yet Integrated approach
  • Transparency throughout Organization and eliminates redundancy
  • Better customer satisfaction
  • High data security
  • 24x7 support by experienced support staffs