The The Ultimate ERP Solution for Non-Profits organizations, NGOs and Religious institutions Elevating Organizational Financial Dynamics

Acme.erp is a comprehensive financial management system designed to efficiently manage the acquisition, organization, and supervision of an organization's fiscal activities and accounting data. Specifically crafted as an ERP solution, it addresses the specific requirements of Non-Profits organizations, NGOs and Religious institutions.

The software is made up of two tier system: the Head Office and the Branch Office. The Head Office manages and sets policies for the branch offices.

The Head Office Suite, a web-based tool, creates financial reports using data from branch offices. It can turn even a single transaction into a report and also merge reports from different branches into one consolidated report.

The Branch Office suite is a Windows application that works on several terminals at the same time. Branch office Application Consists of seven Modules, including Financial Accounting, Statutory Compliance (including TDS), Asset Management, Stock Tracking, Payroll Processing, and Networking (Donor Management).

The Head Office compiles financial reports by gathering data from various Branch Offices at different levels. This system allows for data updates from each Branch Office to the Head Office, either upon request or automatically at scheduled intervals. It also provides an easy way to retrieve financial statements from any Branch Office for added convenience.






   Comprehensive Financial Management System

   Statutory Compliance and TDS Management

   Payroll Administration

   Asset Management and Tracking

   Inventory Control and Management

   Remote Access Capabilities with Multiple User Logins

   Banking Operations Integration

   Data Consolidation and Report Generation

   Financial Planning and Budget Management

   Integrated Web Portal for Enhanced Accessibility

Our Clients Speak

"Acme.erp is the Accounting Software that any Not-Profit Organization can use efficiently to manage their Accounts."

Bro.Michael Mathew

Asst.General Bursar, Montfort Brothers of St.Gabriel.
“The Best ERP, that helped us to bring our accounts in braches under control”

Fr.Edwin Vasanth

Economer, Salesians of Don Bosco, Chennai Province.
“Acme.erp is one of the best accounting software, very easy and simple to use and get the desirable reports.”

Sr.Bridgit Joseph

Sisters of Charity Hyderabad, Provincial Treasurer.
“I appreciate all of your help, enthusiasm, and attention to detail with your duties. This ERP is better off with you. We feel that the matters and details are sufficient under your direction.”


SAT Mumbai, Provincial Teasurer.
“Acme.erp software helps all Institutions and organizations to make efficient use of their system.”


SAT Trichy, Treasure.
Our Valuable Clients
What is Acme.erp?

Acme.erp is an ERP solution tailored for religious and not-for-profit organizations. It integrates a client-server Windows application with cloud-based features for comprehensive management and administration across various levels and sizes of organizations.

What are the main components of Acme.erp?

Acme.erp comprises two primary components: the Head Office Suite for generating financial reports and managing data from branch offices, and the Branch Office Suite, which includes modules for financial accounting, statutory compliance, asset management, and more.

Who can use Acme.erp?

Acme.erp is designed for users with basic computing skills, particularly targeting those without formal accounting training. It's user-friendly and suitable for members of religious and not-for-profit organizations.

What are the key features of Acme.erp?

Key features include bookkeeping, statutory and TDS compliance, asset tracking, stock management, payroll processing, donor management, and more. It also offers secure data management, affordable pricing, and 24/7 customer support.

What pricing options are available for Acme.erp?

Acme.erp offers a free version with a finance module and a 30-day trial. Paid versions, like Acme Plus Customer and New Customer packages, start from ₹15,000, including annual maintenance.

How secure is Acme.erp?

Acme.erp prioritizes data security, ensuring that data can only be accessed by authorized personnel using unique IDs and encrypted passwords.

Is there customer support available for Acme.erp?

Yes, Acme.erp provides round-the-clock customer support to assist with any issues or queries users may have.

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