Transform Your MicroFUND Business with Boscosoft's Revolutionary ERP System

Boscosoft introduces an advanced ERP solution tailored for Microfinance companies, regardless of their size. This innovative software is user-friendly, scalable, and optimized for operation with minimal manpower.

Our ERP meticulously records every transaction, allowing for the generation of comprehensive reports that facilitate informed decision-making. Distinct login interfaces are available for branch staff and other users. The system simplifies the management of loans, interest rates, EMI payments, and outstanding balances, presenting all information at the click of a button.

MicroFUND is accessible via the web and also via a mobile app, the ERP provides real-time data for users upon login. Furthermore, audits by government officials or authorized personnel can be seamlessly conducted as the system presents all necessary data promptly on-screen.




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   Android solution with fingerprint acknowledgement

   Complete workflow management

   Automated entries against collections and repayments

   Automatic data synchronization from web

   Monitor collections, attendance and savings

   Targets and actuals tracking

   Financial reports at all levels

   Entry and monitoring of loan requests; processing of loans

Our Clients Speak

"We have a very good relationship with Bosco Sub Technologies. In fact, we are using their MicroFUND product for our customers who are in self-help groups and cooperative operations in both Karnataka and Tamil Nadu region. This MicroFUND product provides scalable architecture, ease of use, lot of sides to the operations with real-time data. Our customer management gets real-time information for all their decision-making and supporting information as well. Also, MicroFUND support is providing enormous support to our customers and their knowledge is amazing. We wish them all the very best. We wish to grow along with the product as well as with the organization." Thank you.


Founder And Director of CEA Infotech
Our Valuable Clients
What is MicroFUND?

MicroFUND is a comprehensive software solution designed specifically for microfinance institutions, helping them manage loans, clients, and financial operations effectively.

Who can benefit from using MicroFUND?

MicroFUND is ideal for microfinance companies of all sizes, from small community-based organizations to larger, multi-branch institutions looking to streamline their operations.

What features does MicroFUND offer?

MicroFUND offers features like loan and savings management, client profiling, financial reporting, and compliance management, all integrated into one platform.

How does MicroFUND ensure the security of data?

The software employs advanced security measures, including data encryption and secure access protocols, to protect sensitive financial information and client data.

Can MicroFUND be customized to fit specific organizational needs?

Yes, MicroFUND is highly customizable, allowing institutions to tailor features and workflows to fit their specific operational requirements and client services.

Is training provided for new MicroFUND users?

MicroFUND includes comprehensive training programs and user support to ensure smooth adoption and maximization of the software’s capabilities.

What kind of support does MicroFUND offer?

MicroFUND provides ongoing support through a dedicated helpdesk, online resources, and optional on-site assistance to help resolve any issues quickly.

How does MicroFUND handle regulatory compliance?

The software is designed to help microfinance institutions comply with local and international financial regulations by including relevant compliance tracking features and reporting tools.

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