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Boscosoft proudly presents eAUDITHub, a state-of-the-art, responsive tool tailored for efficient eAUDITHub in diverse settings such as hotels, restaurants, and food courts. This innovative system not only facilitates the seamless recording of observations but also adeptly generates detailed reports. These reports highlight non-conformities (NCs), offering clear guidance for corrective measures.

Designed in alignment with international standards like HACCP, FSSAI, and ISO 22000, eAUDITHub emerges as an essential asset for food and hygiene departments. It boasts a user-centric design that effortlessly aligns with your operational objectives and goals. The system's capability to produce a variety of compliance reports is complemented by its proactive alert system, which issues timely reminders to ensure complete adherence to schedules and protocols.

One of the standout features of eAUDITHub is its mobile accessibility. Whether on a smartphone or tablet, conducting audits has never been more convenient. With instant access to audit checklists, the process becomes streamlined and efficient. Post-audit, the system can swiftly dispatch reports to the respective hygiene departments, prioritizing urgent non-conformities and facilitating prompt follow-up actions. Moreover, the ability to review interim audit outcomes allows for immediate rectification of any discrepancies, ensuring a consistently high standard of hygiene and safety.




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   Streamlined Audit Procedure & Checklist Management

   Role-Based Access Control

   Integrated Annual Audit Calendar

   Advanced User Behavior Tracking

   Mobile & Tablet Optimization

   Robust Version Control & Release Management

   Detailed Audit Observation Recording

   Automated Audit Reporting

   Proactive Follow-Up Audit Reminders

   Process Evaluation & Progress Meetings

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"Hi, my name is Ravi. I'm working in Dubai World Trade Centre. We have been using Boscosoft's M. Have system since 2016. What is M. Have system? Mobile hygiene audit processing system that covers policies, procedures, and also all kinds of checklist that are internal or external is related to the supplier audit, we use this system. When we talk about Boscosoft team, they are really excellent professionals. Their turnaround time is less than 24 hours. Anything related to the food safety or hygiene and safety related audits, internal or external, they solve it within 24 hours. I wish them all the best." Thank you.


World Trade Centre in Dubai
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What Sets eAUDITHub Apart?

eAUDITHub stands out due to its advanced features designed to streamline eAUDITHub in diverse settings, ensuring efficient observation recording and detailed report generation.

How user-friendly is eAUDITHub for different operational needs?

eAUDITHub features a user-centric design that can be tailored to effortlessly align with various operational objectives and goals.

Are there specific industry standards that eAUDITHub complies with?

Yes, eAUDITHub adheres to internationally recognized standards such as HACCP, FSSAI, and ISO 22000, making it an invaluable tool for food and hygiene departments.

Can the audit procedure be easily managed using eAUDITHub?

Absolutely. eAUDITHub offers streamlined audit procedure and checklist management, ensuring a systematic and organized auditing process.

How does eAUDITHub handle user access control and security?

eAUDITHub employs role-based access control to manage user permissions, ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to specific features and data.

In what ways does eAUDITHub support mobile auditing?

eAUDITHub is optimized for mobile and tablet use, providing on-the-go access to audit checklists, enhancing convenience and efficiency during the auditing process.

What measures does eAUDITHub take to address non-conformities effectively?

The system swiftly dispatches reports highlighting non-conformities, allowing hygiene departments to prioritize and take prompt corrective actions.

How does the system ensure continuous compliance with schedules and protocols?

eAUDITHub features a proactive alert system, issuing timely reminders to users, ensuring adherence to schedules, and promoting ongoing compliance.

Can eAUDITHub be integrated into existing workflows seamlessly?

Yes, eAUDITHub is designed for seamless integration into existing workflows, minimizing disruptions while maximizing efficiency in the auditing process.

Is training available for users adopting eAUDITHub for the first time?

Certainly. Boscosoft offers comprehensive training to ensure that users can harness the full potential of eAUDITHub. Contact our support team for more information.

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